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Sunday, June 26, 2016

a new apartment

Ah, here I am - in a different city (Saint Paul, MN) and a new little apartment .  Moving again so soon meant lots and lots of naps, packing and unpacking, walking in a brand new neighborhood - and getting used to my very tiny (but cute!) city kitchen.  The stove is propane, which I'm very, very wary of, especially as the only smoke detector is entirely too close to the stove.  I have been making quick picnic food - grilling and sauteing will have to wait.  Ah, you noticed there is no counter?  I didn't realize it for THREE days:)  But all is well, and I look forward to slowly getting back to some new recipes.

                                                             the kitchen
                            kale with onions, peppers, blistered tomatoes, basil  
lovely June strawberries almost every day

sardines in olive oil and hot pepper sauce & lemon

Happy almost end of June!