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Sunday, February 24, 2008

on shallots - beurre bercy

I woke up to a sunny and cold morning here in New Hampshire. The delight of the pink tulips I got yesterday led me to longing for the opening of the Farmer's Market in Keene. From April to October, I shopped there twice a week, and the rhythm of those Tuesdays and Saturdays still sticks in my mind. I hope you will search out your local CSA's and Farmer's Markets and make it a habit to shop there. It's such a joy to get to know the growers, and see the subtle shifting of the seasons through the market vegetables and fruits - and flowers.
My favorite use for shallots is a beurre bercy - used on top of fish or chicken or steak, or stuffed into mushroom caps and broiled. Just a tablespoon transforms whatever it is you're serving - yum! - it is that good!
sauce bercy:
In a small pot, place about 2 cloves of crushed garlic, about 2 T. minced shallots, 1/2 t. chervil, and 1 T. minced parsley. Add dry vermouth to the mix and simmer until no liquid is left. Add salt, freshly cracked pepper, and thyme ( substitute tarragon if you're serving fish) and stir. Take off heat and , tablespoon by tablespoon, add room temperature unsalted butter until it melts into the sauce. I usually use about 6 tablespoons of butter to get the right consistancy.
Serve with meats, chicken, fish , or mushrooms - or as a sandwich spread for a wicked tangy treat.

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Finding your local Farmer's Market or farmstand is as easy as typing in and putting in your zip code!