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Saturday, April 11, 2009

the easter carrot cake

This is last year's Easter Carrot Cake - decorated by a then 2 year old. She put 1 1/2 inches of frosting on the top, and managed to do a pretty great job with the marzipan carrots ( some of which were made by her mama) . If you haven't got your dessert for tomorrow, this is a moist and delicious cake! You can find the recipe here. I'll post new pictures tomorrow, after we get it frosted and decorated.


Martha said...

What a great Easter cake -- I love the marzipan carrots!

katrina said...

Thanks, Martha! It's a great tasting cake, but it's even more fun when there's a group marzipan effort making the decorations on Easter! Did you see the one that looks like a pumpkin? That's the 2 year old Izzie's. Have a great Easter!

Miss Muffin said...

I love the way you decorated the cake with the carrots!!!! I did it similarly this year and linked to your blog on my post

Thanks so much for the inspiration! :-)

katrina said...

Miss Muffin - your cakes are just beautiful! Thanks for letting me know about your blog!