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Sunday, May 10, 2009

street food: linguica rolls

If you live in a Portuguese community - or Southern Massachusetts - you will find this spicy sausage called linguica. It's a smoked pork sausage with spices, and the very best linguica comes from Gaspar's, near New Bedford, MA. When I was growing up on Cape Cod, you could find it at the Blessing of the Fleet celebration, juicy and popping on the grill, served dripping and delicious on Portuguese rolls. We had it at beach parties, and we put it in Kale Soup. For those lucky enough to be able to eat shellfish, linguica added to steamed clams or mussels, or baked in seaweed along with lobster and more clams is a treat.
The other morning I woke up with a powerful hankering for it, and luckily I had some linguica stashed in the freezer. Since I like it when it's plump , rather than grilled, I unwrapped it and simmered it in water for ten minutes. I fried the Vieira Saloio ( Portuguese Sourdough bread) slices in butter, sliced off the linguica into manageable chunks, and - voila! My very favorite Street Food! And what a breakfast!
You can mail order the linguica from Gaspar's, and I found the sourdough bread at Shaw's Supermarket. It's a wonderful treat for a BBQ or grill party, too! Most New England supermarkets carry Gaspar's linguica, usually in the bacon section.


mesa para 4 said...

:-) :-) You have great Portuguese goodies out there...if want something you don´t have (wich I doubt) feel free to ask I would send it to you...abra├žo

katrina said...

Mesa Para: You are too sweet ! I'm sure there are hundreds of delicious foods in your Portugal I've never even heard of, let alone eaten - but the few I know are luckily available in New England. Thank you for your offer!


Anonymous said...

California has some amazing linguica also. Netos is fantastic, as is Amerils and Silva Sausage company. Gaspers is good, but give me Netos any day

katrina said...

Well, that's good to know, Anon - thank you!