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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

borscht and birthday cake

My birthday was last week, but it was only yesterday that I found time for my little home celebration.

I've had a stack of recipes from other bloggers I wanted to try, so my treat to myself was pulling out two that looked delicious and cheerful: Sass & Veracity's white velvet cake, and Dr. Zhivago Borscht(!) by the naked beet.

The borscht was a gorgeous color, and lighter in flavor than I thought it would be - the only change I made was to use half water/half beef (you can use vegetable) stock, and reduce the amount to 6 cups, instead of 10. I couldn't find juniper berries, so I added a small handful of chopped parsley, in addition to the fresh dill.

I only made a half recipe (only one layer) for Kelly's cake, and I used my own cream cheese frosting. The white velvet cake took an extra 15 minutes to bake, but what a wonderful crumb it had - definitely a keeper!

Sass & Veracity's White Velvet cake (scroll way down the page)

My thanks to everyone for all the birthday greetings!


kellypea said...

I love the scroll WAY down the page part. haha! I have way too many words for just one person. I swear.

You know, I'm forever finding things take different amounts of time to bake as well. This is the recipe I just made last week, but because I used 6" pans there was a lot of batter in each one. I think each took about 50 minutes. I'm so horrible at taking notes when I bake any more. Anyhoo -- glad it turned out for your birthday. The color of your borscht is gorgeous!

katrina said...

Hey- I LOVE your thoughtful musings, Kelly! I'm usually posting under pressure (*roll eyes*), like, "Oh good grief, I'm three days late and I have to do this NOW". I'm so bad at deadlines, which is why I love your easy going posts so much. Maybe sometime I'll learn. I do think I overbaked by about 5 minutes, but the cake came out wonderfully anyway.

Marianne said...

Happy Birthday, Katrina! I love your choice of a birthday menu ... borscht and birthday cake! WooHoo!

katrina said...

Isn't that crazy, Marianne - but oh, so me:) Thanks for the good wishes!