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Friday, April 20, 2012

buttermilk pear cake

My goodness!  When I went to write a blog post, I discovered Blogger completely changed the format overnight and I am lost.  Forgive any visual glitches - I have no time to figure this out this morning.

I brought home the most wonderful bag of small pears the other day, and was suddenly reminded of an old recipe, given to me , oh - probably 30 years ago.
You make a soft dough and press into a tart or cake pan, arrange sliced pears on top, and add streusel and voila!  I often make these as little tarts, but I thought I'd try a little cake with my new 6 inch cake tins.  It's a terrific size for 2 or 3 people and it came out beautifully.

Makes one 6 inch cake

To make:

Preheat oven to 350F.
Butter a small 6 inch cake pan, or two or three tartlette pans.

The topping:
1/2 t. ginger
1/2 c. sugar
2 T. soft, unsalted butter 
1/4 t. nutmeg
1 t. grated lemon zest
pinch of kosher salt

Mix the ingredients well and set aside.

The pears:
2 medium pears, unpeeled but cored, sliced

The dough:

1 c. King Arthur all purpose flour
2 t. baking powder
pinch of kosher salt
1 T. of the topping
3 T. soft unsalted butter
1/2 cup buttermilk

Mix in mixer bowl or food processor just until combined into a soft dough.

Press the dough into the cake pan or tart tins.
Sprinkle a little topping on top of the dough.
Arrange the pear slices in a circle .
Sprinkle with the rest of the topping.
Bake for 36 minutes or until top is golden.

Let cool briefly, and run a dull knife around the cake.
Tip onto a plate, then top with another plate and flip back.
Serve beautifully.

Exciting weekend for me - my daughter is getting married!  What are you up to?  Hope it's wonderful!


Marianne said...

Your photos are always lovely, Katrina. You have such a good eye. And the pear cake sounds divine.

I am planning to make a variation of your crustless quiche next week. I'm having a very small luncheon to celebrate my mother. She will be turning 90 in the fall and I thought I'd have a few small parties for her, over the next months. If I am not imposing, could you suggest a tossed salad to go along with the quiche? I had thought to make a spinach and strawberry salad but then I don't think I should put spinach in the quiche. Any suggestions?

katrina said...

You always say the nicest things on your comments - thank you, Marianne!

If you scroll down on the right side of my blog, you'll find a salads link - off the top of my head, I like the bok choy salad with little mandarin oranges, - nice and crunchy with a little sweetness. I remember making a watermelon salad with, I think arugula and gorgonzola crumbles. The sweet cabbage and spinach veggie salad is nice, too - and I LOVE the Finnish cucumbers, which are super easy and very refreshing any time of year. Hope I've been able to give you a few good ideas:)

Barb said...

First of all, Congratulations to Marianne's mother on celebrating a very special birthday! What a lovely idea to celebrate with a few small parties - sounds intimate and delightful.

This cake is calling my name - pears are a favorite.

Thank you for sharing this, too!

katrina said...

What a beautiful salutation to Marianne on her mother's 90th birthday, Barb! I join you (belatedly) in wishing her Mom a joyful birthday! Such a nice way to celebrate, instead of one huge party, Marianne. Sorry - I was thinking about your question and jumped right in, didn't I:)

Deepali said...

Hi Katrina,
Congratulations on your daughters wedding! anD i must say it is commendable that you are able to Blog on that week! Here in India, if ones daughters getting married, one would be busy 3-4 months ahead, with little time to breathe! But then, our normal weddings would put that of hte British monarchy to shame, in size and scale! :)
I have one question - when you say soft dough, what do you mean? Is it a bread dough or a muffin dough...? not able to relate.. pls help.. this sounds like a wonderful recipe and i so want to make it....

katrina hall said...

Deepali - this is an informal wedding - my daughter and partner's choice:) I saw an Indian wedding in a movie and thought it was marvelous - so colorful and carefully organized down to the last detail.
A soft dough is simply not a sticky dough, not a firm ball of pugh as for a pie crust. When you gather it into a ball, it should feel soft and light. Since this is pressed into a cake pan or tart pan, it is not rolled out with a rolling pin. It would be more like a biscuit dough: biscuit meaning a roll, not a cookie. I hope this helps?

katrina said...

Ooops! I meant "not a firm ball of dough ( not pugh!) as for a pie crust"

Marianne said...

Thank you for the suggestions! And my congratulations to you, Katrina, and to your daughter on this very special occasion! Much happiness to her and her partner. I think informal weddings are the best! My son got married in upstate New York last summer. They hired a taco truck to cater the food! How's that for informal?!

And BTW, I am NOT liking the changes here on blogspot. I was very comfortable before. Now I have to relearn everything!

Barb said...

Katrina -

I guess I missed this about your daughter, but I send my best Congratulattion to her, her partner and to you on such a wonderful, happy occasion. May they enjoy a wonderful, joyful life and future together. I sincerely send my best wishes of happiness to them and to you!!!

katrina said...

That is awesome, Marianne! A taco truck - what a fabulous idea! I mean to add my thoughts on a pasta salad with asparagus and maybe tomatoes and goat cheese, but I'm sure you have enough suggestions:)

katrina said...

Oh gosh, Barb - I think this one is going to be a keeper. Very much in love, and Izzie gets a new baby brother in the bargain! Can't beat that. Thanks so much for your good wishes and thoughts!