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Sunday, February 24, 2013

make your own power bars ( and a birthday)

I came across this recipe of sorts last week somewhere, and for the life of me cannot find the link.  To the person who posted it, please let me know, because you deserve a basketful of credit. ( I just found the link!  It's from The Kitchn, here. )

What a revelation!  The recipe is this:

1 cup dried fruit in small pieces
1 cup toasted nuts ( I use a toaster oven for a few minutes)
1 cup date pieces

Toss in food processor until it forms a ball.  You can add a teaspoon of water to help it along.  You can change the fruits and nuts, but always add the dates.

Pat into a rectangle, cut into logs or form into balls, and let air dry, then store in container or plastic bag.

That's it!  I made them first with dried cranberries, toasted walnut pieces, and dates, and when that was gone in a flash, made dried cranberry, toasted cashew, and dates.  Isadora ate most of them today at my birthday brunch.  She made Julia's crepe batter, I made the crepes, and we all sat down to the most delicious meal!

And below, there are the cards the kids made me, which tickled me to no end, and made yet another snowy day delightful.

Isadora is just learning how to spell in first grade.  I think this says "Surprise!  Happy Birthday I love you so much"  ( awwwww)
And Frankie (aged two) calls me Mimi:)


La Table De Nana said...

My very favorite cards too:-)
We share the same week

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Happy birthday, Katrina!

katrina said...

Nana - did I know that? If I forgot to sing to you, I'm doing it now: Happy Birthday! I am shockingly in my 60's now, cannot believe it:)

katrina said...

Thank you, Terry!

Barb said...

Oh, I could kick myself that I let your birthday slip past without "singing" Happy Birthday to You.

So...I do hope you had a very special day and celebration and I wish you the very best and a joyful year ahead.

katrina said...

Oh, Barb - don't kick yourself, please:) It was a lovely , if hectic day - with me still in my pj's when they knocked on the door! Gearing up for yet another storm tonight, another foot of snow and freezing rain in the mix this time. Spring! I need Spring!

La Table De Nana said...

You don't sound 60's I still see the girl in your header:)

katrina said...

Your slave forever, Nana! Thank you:)

kellypea said...

I've always wanted to try a power bar recipe and never make it to that line on my list (because the list grows in the night!) They look yummy. And Isabella's card is so darling. Awww, indeed ;)

katrina said...

Oh, Kelly - these are so EASY! Having Isadora and Frankie around ( plus 3 adults) they went in a flash, and have made more since then for the kids. I had stuck one in the fridge and had it for as a breakfast appetizer:) Tomorrow, making them with walnuts - so good!

Gree said...

Frankie requested these "Mimi balls" today so we are making them...though yours are always better!

katrina said...

I doubt that! So delighted Frankie and Izzie love them! Let me know if you come up with any variations -(coconut?)