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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

strawberry tartlets (the dud) and my little dove

I was so excited when I went to the swap shop at our dump on Saturday - I found these dear little tart pans tied up with green twine, and a pretty saucer.  You had a feeling the person who lovingly dropped them off had cherished them.  But, we all are decluttering, and I would imagine tart pans might be one of those unused kitchen things that go reluctantly into the Swap Shop box for the dump.

Sunday night I made a nut crust from a Martha Stewart book, but halved it, as I only wanted a few.  Stuck it in the fridge, and yesterday prepared the tartlet pans.  Into the oven, let cool, and....disaster.  They would not unmold.  I took a tiny sharp knife to the edges and they shattered into buttery crumbs.  I had one out of nine that remained more or less whole.  Mostly less.

Today I tried again, with the last half of the dough, but this time I greased every ridge carefully, and did the bottom twice.  Chilled, then baked and....again.  Disaster.  Again, one survived.  All I can think is that somehow in making half a recipe, I made a mistake, because Martha's recipes are usually pretty foolproof.

This dessert was based on one I used to make with cream puffs.  I used the cranberry and dark cherry jelly I made a few weeks ago to glaze the berries, heating just until the jelly melted, then using a teaspoon to drizzle on the fresh strawberries. With the cream puffs, I dolloped whipped cream on top, but this dessert was to be a little plainer, because of the rich nut crust.  The surviving tarts were delicious, but clearly something went wrong when you lose 80% of your desserts.

In the meantime, Spring has sprung !  I have a sweet little mourning dove pair that hang around, sometimes both, but often just one.  The daffodils have wilted in the hot (HOT!) afternoons, but the violets are sprinkling the lawn with their beautiful color.  Hard to believe two weeks ago I was still filling the woodstove at night.  Enjoy these beautiful days!


La Table De Nana said...

I have those! Exactly those..I have to find the recipe I use because they pop out..It had to be the recipe..Do you use a pastry brush to oil? And then a dusting of flour? more time..if that doesn't work..I will find's been a while..
I have those coated ones now.. removable bottoms ..larger though 4 inches I think..a charm..but I love those smaller ones like yours too..Has to be the recipe..sure looks cute and good from where I view:)

We have doves too:)LOVE them..none yet this year..but all the birdhouses are filled..w/ finches or similar..

katrina said...

Oh, Nana, do look for your recipe! I just remembered I think the tarts were supposed to be baked at 400F. Anything over 360F makes my smoke detectors go off, so I lower the temperature. The second batch were in my tart pans with removable bottoms and that didn't work either. Has to be me making a mistake, because Martha is never wrong:)

I just adore my doves. I've put out safflower seed because the squirrels hate it for two years now. I have one very determined guy who sits at the feeder, but thankfully no bears. I lost my last lovely birdfeeder pole to a hungry lady bear.

katrina said...

Nana - no, I don't brush w/oil - I use solid white vegetable shortening, and no flour. Do you think that is it?

Barb said...

Hi Katrina- strawberry tarts are certainly a favorite - even if they fall apart. (Maybe that's what happened to the original oner of your sweet little tartlet pans and they decided to 'dump' them??).

I love your remark "because Martha is never wrong:) ). I can say that because I love Martha too!

katrina said...

Hi Barb! I don't think it was the tins, because Nana (read comment above) has the same ones and they work for her. Nope, I just must have made a mistake (GASP!)...

Deeply appreciate Martha ( and Ina, as well) because their recipes are foolproof and always come out the way they look in cookbooks. Have a great weekend, Barb!

Kate said...

I, too, had those pans and gave them to our granddaughter to "bake" with. She was 3 ;)
I would search out another recipe. I have had several Martha's recipes that were passable but not worthy of a repeat. Sometimes they are great other times not. It's that way in my kitchen too, so even though t is her mantra, not all can be "perfect" all the time. Happy Mother's Day... don't banish that kindling to the woodshed yet!

katrina said...

Kate, that's a wonderful idea - if and when I decide about the tartlette pans. The older grands would love them. I will try another recipe, and also prepare them as Nana suggested.
Perfect weather here - but temps in the 30"s have been in the forecast, so not cleaning out the woodstove yet:)
Thanks for coming by!

Kate said...

Hey, Katrina....
check out this tart shell recipe
Your blog, :ps, View from Great Island and Living Tastefully are on my weekly routine so I thought of you when I saw this post.

katrina said...

Thanks Kate - though it is for my removable bottom tart pans . Like the recipe very much - and I love lemon curd!