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Sunday, February 2, 2014

winter breakfasts and a welcome to February

It has been so cold for so long up here in the mountains, as January always is, but this year was a doozy.  -15 day after day, and sheets of ice underfoot, so cooking inspiration suffered. But I always make a good breakfast , a fairly recent habit - me, who never had anything beyond several cups of coffee and, perhaps - a hunk of cheese as I raced the kids out the door!  Now I often make a quick soup ( I call it a warm smoothie) and add some kind of protein like cheese or turkey, cheese or eggs.  Sweet breakfasts I don't make very much, unless it's fresh fruits or Finnish fruit compote, mostly because sugar revs me up.

Welcome to February, which is usually our snowiest month - and warmer!  And tomorrow is our Izzie's 8th birthday!  



La Table De Nana said...

Great looking breakfasts:) I look forward to breakfast:)
I do..
Izzie is Lucas's age.. he's a bit older..
So grown up all of a sudden!

Same Feb here.. beautiful snow last night..still on the trees today~

katrina said...

As always, Nana - we had the same soft snow and those warmer temps, hooray! But your January was much colder up there, and I thought of you often:(. I am not a fan of bitter cold and ice. Onward and upward, as my father used to say - Happy February to you! Hoping I will catch Izzie tomorrow - she has a packed schedule these days!

Lisa from Iroquois said...

Thank you for those lovely breakfast images. So often blogs focus on lunches or dinners but breakfast is important and these are filled with inspiration and potentiality just when I was feeling defeated by the prospect of yet another breakfast.

katrina said...

Lisa, thank you! I was wondering whether to post these pictures - and went ahead for just the reasons you mentioned. I'm so delighted they help you re-imagine breakfast!

diary of a tomato said...

Just how I like to eat, and such beautiful morning light!

katrina said...

Dear Diary - maybe we could start a trend! Breakfast: re-imagined:) I would love to see some of your choices!