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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving - and welcome, December!

My first Thanksgiving in Minnesota was a joyously delicious one : I used Ina's recipe for her make-ahead turkey (don't ask why, because it was completely spontaneous) - it was perfectly cooked, tender, and moist , though my daughter missed the traditional stuffed turkey.  My daughter made those beautiful apple flowers, which I would love to learn how to make, AND a cranberry pie.  Mashed potatoes, and I'm quite sure we had salad and a green vegetable, but I've forgotten.   Almost as soon as we had cleaned up after Thanksgiving, we woke up to five inches of beautiful fluffy snow - the first snow I've seen out here.  I hope your Thanksgiving was delicious and warming, with friends and family, or thoughts of family.  And now - onto getting supplies to make these reindeer cookies with the grandchildren- and looking for a few sleds and a hill to race down!  Happy December 1st!


La Table De Nana said...

Look at that!
And the roses..
I am anxious to see snow's Wuthering Heights right now..

katrina said...

Happy to see another snow lover, Nana! Always enjoy the first few snows, anyway, even if I grumble after too many snowstorms:)
I knew you'd like those apple roses!
I thought you were still in Florida, for some reason, happy you had such a lovely getaway....