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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

crunchy bok choy salad

And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! Rather than make those fabulous Dropkick Scones again, I've opted instead for a crunchy bok choy salad with citrus dressing - sneaking in a few chunks of baby mandarin oranges just for fun. The sun is shining (finally!) and it's above 40 degrees, so it's Salad Season in New Hampshire.

This makes about 4 servings.

* * *

about 4 cups bok choy, mostly the white part, sliced into 1" pieces

(some green is nice, but not too much)

several slivers of red onion, sliced very thinly

a few mandarin orange sections ( I used canned)

* *

The Dressing:

1 T. olive oil (this is optional - I skipped it)

1 T. orange juice, freshly squeezed

2 t. fresh lemon juice

freshly ground pepper

1/2 clove garlic, pressed

Mix well with a fork before drizzling on the salad.

Enjoy your day!


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Maria said...

Love the salad! Bok choy is my husband's favorite word-yes he is immature sometimes and likes to yell it in the produce section:)

katrina said...

That's hilarious, Maria! He sounds like quite the character - and I hope he enjoys eating bok choy as well:)

Barbara said...

Do you cook the bok choy, or does it marinate and cook itself in the dressing?

Michelle said...

It's been so gorgeous here with warm sunny days and I was outside in a t-shirt today. I was just thinking that it was finally salad weather again!

katrina said...

Barbara - I use bok choy raw - it's crunchy and watery and mild, kind of like iceberg lettuce, which I have a secret (shhhhh) fondness for. No need to cook.

katrina said...

Me, too, Michelle! Beautiful last two days here. Some places have lots of snow ( like where I am), but walk into town and it's all gone! Love it!

Barb said...

Maria's commnet about her husband made my day - it may be just about the best comment I've ever read!

I don't think I've had bok choy as a salad, but your looks delicious.

It was 68 degrees here today - crazy (but gorgeous) weather for March - our snow is All Gone!!!

tigerfish said...

Do you eat your bok choy raw? I usually blanch it a few seconds.

kellypea said...

Love me some bok choy salad! And not celebrating St. Paddy's till tomorrow if you can believe it. Go figure.

katrina said...

Barb - wasn't that hilarious? Maria's husband sounds like a very intersting guy:) Wow! 68 degrees? That's tropical!

katrina said...

tigerfish - always. Sometimes I throw the green parts in a soup, but I just LOVE it raw.

katrina said...

Kelly - I give up. Why?

Joanne Choi said...

I also love raw bok choy. It is wonderfully mild in a salad. I have a spicy version that I just love to make. Yours looks delicious also.

katrina said...

Joanne, I would love to see your recipe for spicy bok choy salad!