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Monday, May 16, 2011

rerun recipe time - and a crazy spring

Forgive, please, the long silences lately - it has been a crazy-busy Spring, and I've often found myself making many, many recipes that I've published here before. I've been making ( and loving all over again : asparagus frittata, that apple cobbler, and so many chilly mornings, the oatmeal with chunks of sweet apples and dustings of cinnamon sugar. I made my Christmas biscotti for a friend who loves them. and several batches of crunchy oatmeal cookies, some for friends, but mostly for myself. Chocolate-chip cranberry cookies for my son, and one pot chicken for me ( again) as well as a magazine article. Rapini pasta soup warms the end of the day for me, as does spinach quiche and roasted chicken with rosemary and lemon.

Most difficult this month was approaching Mother's Day, with my mother so recently gone. We all get through these milestones, but it's never easy, is it?

For a few weeks the weather was beautiful - no cold, no snow, no rain, no BUGS! I took advantage of the moment and made several stops at our local farmstand/greenhouse, gathering up lemon balm and thyme, pineapple mint and several violas, sage and lots of flat leaf parsley. The arugula came up ( YAY!) and I'm covering the zucchini and green beans nights, as there's still a threat of frost. The chard is up. The lupine didn't make it through the winter, but the spearmint is showing up in some very odd places :) So are the lady's mantle plants, which are insisting on crawling out on the lawn, where they will be mowed every week unless I find a new home for them.

Happy gardening to you all - and I hope you're enjoying the busy-ness in the garden - and the kitchen!


Barb said...

Hi Katrina. Love the photo of your bookshelf - is the one photo of your mother? And the other photo? It's fun to look at the books (Harry Potter & C.S. Lewis!) and all the other fun pieces.

Thanks, too, for the reminder recipes - yum!

Still raining! I'm going to need a goat to 'mow' my lawn soon.

katrina said...

Hi Barb - yes, that's Mum - and the other is a photo of the grandmother I never knew, Helen Hughes Hall. Isn't that a cute ( tho posed) picture of her as a milkmaid?

Sorry about your rain - we have another four days before the sun peeps out - but maybe the forecast will change (pleeeeze) - stay dry!

elizabeth said...

The crunchy oatmeal cookies sound great, I'll try them today. Do you use coarse polenta or regular cornmeal? I might add a pinch of salt to mine, since it calls for unsalted butter.

katrina said...

Elizabeth - I used a fine polenta, but I've also used plain old cornmeal, as well. Both work.

elizabeth said...

They were good! My husband liked them a lot. Mine were cripsy/chewy and would make great ice cream sandwiches I think.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, you are brilliant! These would be perfect as ice cream sandwiches!

katrina said...

Oops - sorry for the Blogger mistake, Elizabeth! That was me, getting excited about those ice cream sandwiches!

love , K.