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Monday, October 16, 2017

Goodbye, summer!

Ah, summer was grand, and no sooner was I back from visiting my son and family near the ocean in New Hampshire,  it was off to visit some of the lakes in the Minneapolis area.

After days of rain in August, Lake Nokomis overflowed onto the broad swaths of brilliantly green grass - which attracted at least a hundred wild ducks, all shoveling up mud and weeds, worms and grass.

And a visit to the beautiful Lake Harriet on Frankie's birthday was simply stunning.  The water sparkled and rippled on a very mild September afternoon , and a charming regatta silently circled the center of the lake .  The grandkids leaped gleefully into the water .  

October has been wonderful walking weather, and my light fleece jacket has only finally come out of the closet in the last week - bliss!  Finally unpacked, I'm itching to get back to baking and cooking.  Moving always leaves me discombobulated for at least a month !

             I moved back to Minneapolis at the end of July - and I have a real kitchen!


La Table De Nana said...

A GREAT kitchen..yippeee:)

THink of all the photo ops:) Happy for you and your lovely summer:)

katrina said...

I know - I'm thrilled! Now all I need is a little sprinkle of snow to get in the mood, Nana:)

kelly said...

Glad to see you have a whole kitchen once more! Also, surprised to hear it’s been warm there. I would have expected it to be much cooler by now. Enjoy the Fall weather and happy future baking!

katrina said...

I know, Kelly - a very warm Fall here AND in NH, according to my friends there! But frosty mornings can't be too far away, which will get my baking gene wake up - as soon as I can find my pans and muffin tins!

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