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Saturday, March 29, 2008

french toast and new maple syrup

My part of New Hampshire is still buried under heaps of snow - we just had another storm yesterday. Nerves are frayed, backs are sore, and every fibre of our selves hopes to fling aside the curtain and see GREEN. However.
To start the morning with a little cheer, I decided to make french toast for breakfast, using my fresh rosemary bread and lovely fresh eggs from the egg lady. The rosemary bread has a fine crumb and makes a firm loaf. I like to cut it fairly thick - so I soaked it in a mix of milk, two eggs, a little nutmeg, and a drop of vanilla. Soak for about a half hour - less if your bread is soft.
Drop into a skillet with sizzling unsalted butter, turn when brown and toasty, serve with new maple syrup or jam, or confectioners sugar. And pray for Spring!

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