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Thursday, March 13, 2008

warm salad of mozzarella, fresh rosemary, red-skinned potatoes, and fresh tomatoes

When I was married, and had a tween and a teenager in the house to feed, I so often roasted chickens, sauteed steak slivers, simmered pot roasts, and made carb and protein laden suppers - in between shuttling someone to soccer, lacrosse, chorus, or everlasting school shuttles. Tonight, as I shuffled through the fridge, I realized I had all the beautiful makings of a tapas for one for supper - soft mozzarella, fresh rosemary ( though if it had been fresh basil, it would've been a toss-up), large cherry tomatoes, and gorgeous red-skinned potatoes. Why we're programmed to serve enormous, stomach unsettling dinners is a mystery to me. So I flew with it.
On a small platter, I sliced a few tomatoes and some mozzarella, sprinkled on some olive oil and fresh rosemary leaves, a grind of fresh pepper and some sea salt. I'd started some slices from two beautiful potatoes boiling, and when they were tender, placed them on top of the mozzarella and tomatoes. I added a few more halves of those sweet little tomatoes, a few more bits of soft mozzarella, more rosemary, salt and pepper. I microwaved it ( sorry) two minutes, and was greeted with a lovely platter of bubbling bliss. The only thing missing was a crusty chunk of rosemary-sourdough bread and a salad. I had spinach, but no desire to rustle up a salad, so I simply enjoyed my little supper, enjoying every single forkful.
Shop wisely and from the heart and you'll never go hungry!

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