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Monday, April 7, 2008

patience and tenacity

This little lady has been on my kitchen windowsill for almost two years. It was a Mother's Day present and after the first blooms faded, I stubbornly refused to throw it away, even when the leaves yellowed and I had to snip off nearly all the leaves. For over a year, she's been equally stubborn, refusing to send up a single flower stalk. I waited. And waited.

Two days ago I looked, blinked, and looked again. There was a single flower bud, which blossomed within two days into this gorgeous orange flower. Right beside it is another bud coming slowly up beside it.

Life has been challenging so many of us, and here's a reminder to hold on, hang in there, and stop to watch the flowers . This is a special message for Marge in Alaska - I'm rooting for you!

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