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Friday, October 3, 2008

chicken marengo with orzo

Last night I made this classic chicken stew - plump chicken pieces simmered in broth with tomatoes, wine or vinegar, mushrooms, and tarragon. Oh my, it is delicious on a chilly night! It's also easy when you have company, or need to get dinner together quickly. The simmering part takes an hour to an hour and a half - but it takes just a few minutes to pull it together and stick it in the oven. I served it with orzo and a salad, but you may want to also have some chunks of rustic bread to mop up the broth.
You will need:
Preheat oven to 350F.
6 pieces of chicken ( I used legs and thighs) skin removed
2 T. olive oil
2 T. unsalted butter (optional)
Rinse and pat the chicken pieces dry.
Heat the butter and oil in a skillet, and when it is hot, sear the chicken pieces until they are slightly browned.
Remove chicken pieces to an oven proof casserole dish.
1 cup white wine ( or 1/2 cup water, 1/2 c rice vinegar)
1 heaping t. tarragon ( dried)
salt and pepper
2 cups canned plum tomatoes, with some of the juice
10 sliced mushrooms
2 cloves minced garlic
Pour the wine or vinegar/water into the skillet, scraping up the bits left in the pan. Add the tarragon and garlic, salt and pepper, and then the tomatoes and mushrooms. Stir together, then pour over chicken.
Put a lid on the dish, or cover with foil. Place in oven for approximately an hour and a half, or until chicken is very tender.
Enjoy with chunks of good bread and a salad!


Barb said...

I'm making this this weekend!! I shall report back on Monday. This looks like the best cool weather, fall dish ever - yum!

(where do you come up with this stuff?)

katrina said...

Barb, I'm delighted - this is so easy and so yummy! Do let me know how the recipe works for you.
And this dish is one I made long, long ago at Le Bocage - the French restaurant I worked in for almost 4 years. It's been a part of my life ever since. Thanks again for coming by!

Barb said...

Hi Katrina~ Well, due to unexpected events, I didn't make this this past weekend...but I am going to make it tomorrow - for sure!!

So is Le Bocage located in Cambridge and is it still in business?

By the way, I think I read a short article about the Keene, NH Pumpkin Festival - it looks amazing!! Like the most pumpkins in one place at one time ever???!!!

I love autumn and Halloween.

katrina said...

Hello again, barb!
Le Bocage was sold by the original owner ages ago and I believe moved to Watertown. I have no idea if they're still in business.

I, too, love autumn and the fairs and festivals it brings. I usually forget to go, or get tied up, but I truly enjoyed the feeling of the Pumpkin Festival in Keene. That, I made, as a promise to my daughter and granddaughter.

I know you'll enjoy the Poulet Marengo - or hope you do.........