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Monday, April 20, 2009

the last of the jam

I finally have a free day - a day to knock around, putter, garden, and finish at least a few of that long list of unfinished things "to do".
This morning I decided to simply have rolls and jam, so I made a batch of my favorite rolls, and rummaged around the back of the fridge for my jars of strawberry jam. Gasp! Could this be the very last tablespoon of the last pot of jam?
I opened it, inhaled its summer scent of fresh strawberries, and will now be counting the days until it is strawberry season here again. The jam is an English style, no pectin jam - somewhat soft and perfect for spreading over a butter-slathered roll or muffin. It's only cooked a short time, so it retains the perfume of fresh berries.
So I'll enjoy the last spoonful , and wait for the seasonal calendar to flip over to strawberry picking time - a little impatiently, but with eagerness.


Martha said...

That's the best kind of jam. I don't eat a lot of jam because most is storebought -- but homemade jam -- that is perfection!

katrina said...

Ah, Martha - so you know what I mean! I only buy red currant jelly, because I don't have any bushes, but that's about it. All the rest is homemade. What kind do you make?

Barb said...

Red currant jelly??? Katrina, that is my absolute most favorite jelly! (Okay, I know this isn't about ME, but I just got too excited over RCJ!) I have to buy it, too, (and most other jams and jellies, for that matter) and it is so hard to find (not to mention $$$).

katrina said...

Really, Barb? It doesn't surprise me at all - you have good taste buds!

I first tasted red currant jelly in Paris, then used it quite a bit in the restaurant - on tarts, glazing meats , etc, so it was always around Now I buy two jars at a time when I can find the Trappist brand - those monks sure know how to make jelly and jam!

Barb said...

Red current jelly in Paris - that seems like a combination made in heaven!! (What would I know? I've never been to Paris :(.

I'm not familiar with the Trappist brand of jams & jellies - I'll have to search them out sometime.

katrina said...

Paris was a long, long time ago! But I do always think of that first taste of that jelly - yummy.

Trappist is just the best red currant jelly - if you can't find it, I'll pick up some jars of it for you. I'm very picky about RCJ and find it really is the best.

Anonymous said...

Can you make this jam without Lemon Juice? I am allergic to citrus but can eat the strawberries.

katrina said...

Hi mbss - I have no idea if this can be made without lemon juice. I suppose you could try apple cider vinegar as the acid, but I can't vouch it will work! If, like my mother, you're allergic to fresh citrus, then you can make this with lemon juice, since it is cooked. Let me know if you try the vinegar - I'd be interested in knowing if it works - but don't skip warming the sugar!