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Friday, January 21, 2011

winter panna cotta with blueberry sauce, maple syrup, and vanilla

I know, I know, when you think of panna cotta for dessert, you're reminded of humid, tropical evenings - chilled panna cotta topped with just-picked raspberries still warm from the summer sun. But as I cleaned out the freezer this January morning, panna cotta with a juicy blueberry topping from my small stash of frozen blueberries I picked in the summer is just what flashed into my mind. So I made it, and it was delightful. The slight scent and taste of maple syrup and vanilla were absolutely dreamy.
The snow fell again today, so the Christmas tree I heaved out the door just days ago, is buried in snow. The icicles are gleaming in the cold sunlight, and four layers of : sweaters, down jacket, a long sleeved tee, and, underneath it all, a silk undershirt, are standard fashion. This dessert was my treat for hours of slinging snow, and I hope you'll try it!
To make about 6 servings, more if you use plastic cups and layer with blueberry sauce. I used some squat glasses, using about 3/4 cup of liquid for each.
The Panna Cotta:
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 T. sugar
1 drop of vanilla extract
1 3/4 cups buttermilk
pinch of kosher salt
3 T. cold water
1 packet powdered gelatin
Place the cream, maple syrup, sugar, vanilla, and salt in a heavy bottomed saucepan and heat until warm. While the cream mixture is warming, place the gelatin and cold water in a cup and let sit for 5 minutes.
Stir the gelatin mixture into the warm cream until the gelatin is melted. Add the buttermilk, and stir until blended. Ladle into plastic glasses, small glasses, or ramekins. Place in fridge, covered with plastic wrap, until firm.
For the blueberry sauce:
1 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
2 T. orange juice
a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
2 T. sugar
1/8 t. cinnamon
Warm the frozen blueberries gently in the orange juice and lemon juice. Add the sugar and cinnamon and warm another few minutes on low heat, so the berries stay whole. Remove from heat and let cool.
To serve:
Either unmold the panna cotta ( which I usually don't do) by running the tip of your knife around the edge and plopping onto the dessert plate. If you're serving in glasses, simply spoon a tablespoon or two of the berry sauce on top of the panna cotta and serve.
Enjoy your winter!


Anonymous said...

OH, Kat, that looks heavenly.

katrina said...

Thank you, Donna! Why I never thought of panna cotta as a winter dessert, I have no idea, because it totally worked ♥

The Food Hound said...

This looks positively FABULOUS!! I have blueberry sauce to use up in the freezer-- I know what its fate will be now!

katrina said...

Oh goody, Food Hound! I know you'll love, love, love it!

The Gourmet On A Diet said...

Oh, panna cotta. How do I love thee?

katrina said...

Hello, Gourmet - I would guess you love it about as much as I do!