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Sunday, April 10, 2011

golden beets and mother hen

When my children were small, they could often be picky about what they would or wouldn't eat. Thinking I was being clever, I offered them a smorgasbord for breakfast, packed lunch, or dinner. Of course, I ended up making three different dinners most of the time – not something I would repeat these these days . No Tiger Mother moi! I was more like my very favorite hen in our various flocks of chickens – Old Black Hen, who adored being a mother so much she stole the other hens eggs. When she was very old, on a cold night, she died sitting on those stolen eggs. I digress.


Getting back to the point of this story, I often found a little this, a little that, presented in a pretty and tasty fashion encouraged my children to try new foods – especially if I renamed it. Broccoli was “little trees”. Brussels sprouts morphed into” little cabbages” , especially when french fries and mac and cheese seemed to be the favorite choices year round. When the kids got sick, I made chicken soup and toast fingers, smoothies and cinnamon toast, along with Sleepytime tea. But they did get to try a lot of new herbs and veggies as time went along, and I'm happy to say they both enjoy new foods as young adults.

~ I noticed these gorgeous beets one day at the supermarket, tucked away in a corner, simply glowing, and I had to buy a few to taste. I usually try new vegetables first uncooked, so I can get an image and taste set in my mind. Then, I might saute or steam, or throw into a soup, experimenting. These clearly tasted the best when they were raw and golden – the flavor and color diminished when steamed or sauteed. I tried shredding them into a simple salad with balsamic vinegar ( the real deal, from Modena), a little pepper, and some shards of parmesan cheese ( as with the bok choy salad I made last year, salt and olive oil just made it taste odd, so I skipped it.) This would be such a pretty little addition to any dinner ( or smorgasbord) – the taste is fresh and similar to a parsnip/celery root. Paired with arugula, a few smashed baby potatoes and steak, fish, or chicken, it really is a sparkling salad.

~ The recipe: Well, there isn't really a recipe:) I used one smallish golden beet, washed and peeled or not, trimmed, then shredded on a grater, per person. A handful of arugula per person. About 1 teaspoon Modena balsamic vinegar per serving. Freshly grated pepper Several shards of parmesan cheese, per serving And that's it! What I liked about these beets was not only the taste, but the lack of beet-red hands and bleeding into the arugula – always a problem.

This just in! Inspired by a recipe from Simply Recipes, I made this marvelous brussels sprouts dish that couldn't be simpler.

1 cup peeled, diced golden beets ( large dice)

1 cup trimmed brussels sprouts, cut in half

Simmer the beets and sprouts in a little water until tender.

Drain and add a little chopped fresh rosemary, a tiny bit of butter, and salt and pepper.

That's it!


winestainedcloth said...

We grew some heirloom golden beets that were earthy yet sweet this year. We still have a few in the ground ready for harvest so I'm taking your suggestion and doing what you did with the remaining beets.

katrina said...

Lucky duck, Donna! I don't know if you saw the addition to the post ( Simply Recipe's brussels sprouts and golden beets), which is also fantastic. These beets are just delicious to eat - and pretty on the table. Thanks so much and good luck with your beets!