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Saturday, April 30, 2011

mad dash to the farmstand

There is nothing quite like the first Saturday at Tenney's farmstand in the Spring. You can hear the cars going by screeching to a halt and turning on their blinkers as soon as they see the plant-laden tables stretched out in front. You bump into neighbors you haven't seen since Halloween, and all of us are giddy with the promise of heading into the garden. A few more weeks before the frost-free date, but for impatient gardeners, grabbing pots of lemon balm and lavender, lemon thyme and Jacob's ladder, as well as pansies and violas, now is the time.

And lording over us all is Sammy the Scottie , toting his rock from person to person, ever hopeful for a quick toss and fetch. Happy Spring!


Barb said...

Sammy the Scottie is just too cute! Our local farmer's market opened today for the first time this season - to a rather big rain storm!! Bummer!

Your photos are Gorgeous! Seriously, don't you just want to plant Everything???!

Happy Spring to you, too!

katrina said...

That's too bad that the farmer's market opening was rainy - bet it didn't keep you away, though! You said it: after this especially difficult winter, I just want to fill my car with every herb , vegetable, and flower I can squeeze in:) And being escorted around the farmstand by Sammy- well, that's just icing on the cake!