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Sunday, May 15, 2011

for love of olives

Puttering around in the kitchen on a rainy morning, making focaccia and pizza dough and setting out little dishes of toppings, and remembering when I first had a REAL olive, instead of black olives-from-a-can. Oh my, what a revelation. Rouen, France, my first French meal - a salade nicoise with tiny nicoise olives.


Barb said...

Hasn't this been the wetest and coldest spring? It poured all day yesterday!! Seriously, All. Day.

Of course, everything is so green and lush - there is an up-side to everything, huh?

Your olives look beautiful. They remind me of my parent's trip to Spain - mostly they talked about the olive jar in the house they stayed in, which was in the middle of a olive grove! They were spoiled for any other kind of olive after that.

katrina said...

My yes, Barb - Lush is the perfect word to describe the explosion of vegetation in the last week or so - simply beautiful.

Too bad you weren't on that trip to Spain with your parents - to stay actually IN an olive grove must be heavenly *swoon*

Enjoy the rain!