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Sunday, June 5, 2011

simply sunday

What better way to enjoy a lazy Sunday than with a plateful of apricot jam stuffed crepes, and a heap of fresh strawberries? You can find the recipe here.

Hope you're having a beautiful day!


kelly said...

We haven't made crepes in forever! I even have a good pan for them now, which has always been an issue in the past. They look so good :)

katrina said...

Very true, Kelly - and I just overheated my ancient crepe pan, so think I'll be looking for another. So quick and delicious on a sleepy Sunday - thanks!

Jeff said...

your crepes look delicious! I love the caramelized texture in the picture and can only imagine how sweet and earthy they must taste. Yum!

katrina said...

Glad you liked, Jeff - thanks!