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Monday, April 9, 2012

behold the humble egg

It is Easter Monday, and I'm gazing happily on my trove of colorful HB eggs. What to have first? The HB egg and tomato sandwich? The wasabi egg? Or maybe I should go check out Kalyn's post today on a plethora of HB egg recipes?

So while I'm trying to decide, I'll have a cup of coffee and go back to Alice Walker's
wonderous book " The Chicken Chronicles".

"...The other change is that you are molting. Which means you are throwing off all of your old feathers and new ones are coming through. You are not tidy, not neatly into your ordinarily compact and perfect chicken shape. You look a bit mussed. But you don't seen to notice, which is a lovely trait. Did humans ever have this? Did we ever go through our life changes without making a big deal about them? Did we ever, anywhere, have our hair fall out, new hair grow in, and not once try to find a mirror?
I like your lack of vanity. It is refreshing......You seem so clear about who you are. So certain you are just right as you are, that for all your intelligence and maybe in spite of it, you never seem to need a second opinion."

She writes to her beloved flock from India, after a visit with the Dalai Lama, signing off with "Mommy". How endearing is that?

Need more egg recipes? You can find everything from asparagus frittata to spinach quiche, and how to test your eggs for freshness in my index, here.

Hope your day is wonderful!


Barb said...

So is that beautiful blue egg (in the bowl with the beautiful brown eggs) its natural color? Lovely.

katrina said...

It is - and beautiful it is. I think I read somewhere it is due to an actual "blue egg gene" - one breed in particular seems to produce it more. And I just remembered - I forgot to write a note to you last post - eek!

Barb said...

Hi again! Somehow I missed the first picture when I looked here earlier. So... Is that Izzie? Too, too adorable. What a eRecius sweetheart!

katrina said...

Barb, no - you're not hallucinating. I uploaded this picture of my new grandson-by-marriage just an hour or so ago. Whatever eRecius means, it sounds like Frankie:) Isn't he adorable? It was his first egg hunt, and he had no clue what it was about - but he caught on fast!

Barb said...

Oh Frankie is adorable! You are very lucky.

eRecius is supposed to be precious - but bad typing on my part/no editing from my iPad (or me-I think I was kind of in a hurry)...okay, I have no excuse.

But thank you so much for sharing Frankie's picture - he is definitely precious!!
(Can I blame Blogger again? :) )

katrina said...

You're so funny, Barb:) Of COURSE you can blame Blogger! Thanks for your sweet words!