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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome, 2014!

What a year, what a year!  Highs and lows, ups and downs, two new babies in the family, illnesses, an accident with a hatchet,  puzzling over the explosion of food blogs, food magazines, food photography that made me pull away from that for a long time.  I'm one of those people who turns inward when life is troubling.  Waking up this morning to a whole new year, clean slate, was truly joyful, and I watched the sun come over the sparkling snow with great happiness.   

Today may or may not be a taking-down-the-tree day;  I am thinking just a few more days with the scent of Christmas, the ornaments with such memories, the morning I got up at 4:30 am to plug in the lights, just to watch the tree, just as I did when I was five.

And the last batch of the gingerbread star cookies - with a reminder of our next holiday in February.

The first cup of warm smoothie soup, finally admitting it is much more delicious than a cold glass of raw vegetable and fruit juice.  

And keeping my little flock of sheep on the mantle over the fireplace as I go into my New Year's Day cleaning marathon.

Happy New Year to you all - and let new beginnings commence.


Barb said...

Welcome 2014 indeed!! Full of promise and all things wonderful!

Katrina, your tree is charming and those sheep are adorable. (and you know how much I love a delicious cookie:-)! )

Much happiness and many blessing to you in the coming year!

La Table De Nana said...

We had 3 of the boys for a sleepover last night while their parents went out for a well deserved treat..
Since I am not a party person..I bought hats and horns ..etc:-)
Cause I am a... my grandsons party person:-)
Happy New Year..those words sound a bit off to me..what I really to you and yours.
The snaps are sweet and dear..I love the sheep:-)
The manger made it to the bedroom last night as we read a story about Mary:-) the sheep stayed under the tree:-)
And I am quite like you on Jan thoughts of the tree coming down until the 6 th..
However.. under the sink is quite spotless and brilliant:-) fridge looks sparkley too:-)
There's something about the new year and clean:-)

katrina said...

Happiness, good health and joy to you, Barb - and thank you for all your comments in 2013. I'm so glad you didn't give up on me!

The sheep are very old, and I'm sure are made with lead, so I keep them far away from those little fingers that visit - Frankie is especially fond of wee things:)

Happy New Year to you and yours!

katrina said...

Happy New Year, Nana! That was pretty brave of you to have THREE boys for the night - and I'm sure they loved the noisemakers (and the manger). As far as the tree goes - maybe it will stay up until my birthday in is a special delight in the dark and cold this time of year.

I ended up doing a lot of cooking today, but the sink is empty and somewhat clean: very pleased to have Hoppin' John tonight (which I think you do not celebrate), a lovely corn chowder, roasted squash. Good food for a new year.....

Barb said...

Hi Katrina- well, 2014 is off to a very cold, very snowy start in s.e.Michigan. We are experiencing extremely low, cold temps and just had a record snowfall for this area.
The last few winters have been relatively mild so I think we all forgot what winter is really like!

You probably have more extreme winters than we generally do, but Mother Nature packed a very serious one-two punch in the last two days.

I'm wondering if you are getting hit today with this weather? We've been shoveling for the last two days - I'm thinking that humans weren't really meant for this kind of cold abuse :-) - although it is really quite beautiful on the trees and landscape (I'm trying hard to find something good about it, aren't I? Maybe this severe cold kills icky bugs, too!??)

Be careful and stay warm!

katrina said...

Barb - I've been hearing a lot about your area- awful! We've had 15 below, today it was suddenly 40 degrees - and raining. Now we have a few feet of sodden snow with ice forming on top - but worse, my family in Alabama and the Gulf area are getting down to 5 tonight and tomorrow! Much more worrisome for their beautiful Southern gardens... everyone says this is global warming showing its face. Did you get ice covered trees? Ours are still glittering from a little ice storm a week ago. Our driveway is sheer ice, but waiting to see if it snows tonight before I sand it. Stay warm and cozy!

Barb said...

No ice storm here - but about a foot of snow and really frigid temps - very unusual for us to be this cold!
The weatherman says it's a "polar vortex" ( whatever that means??) - very unusual. It's interesting just how far south this cold extends - I saw even Marco Island in Florida is affected.

Did you get your stitches out? How is your hand doing/recovering? What happened to the hatchet?

Be careful on the ice. I was walking my dog about a week ago, slipped on some ice and hit my head! I wasn't really hurt too bad although I do have a bit of a bump on my head that is still a bit tender. It just amazing how fast things happen.

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Wishing you all the best in this new year. I hope your hand has healed up completely. Love your tree, I'm going to take mine down today but will miss the warm lights at night.

katrina said...

Oh, Barb - I hope you are ok! My stitches are out and every day is a little better, though that finger aches like crazy in this cold. You be careful! And now, lets hope the cold gives way to milder temps and snow, not ice....

katrina said...

Karen - Happy New Year to you as well! My tree is still up, bringing much joy and happiness after navigating the ice out there - so cheerful to come home to. My hand (finger, actually) gets better every day, thanks for asking. Hope you're staying warm during these cold, cold days...

diary of a tomato said...

We've had an equally eventful year (minus the machete) — some of them welcome, others just unavoidable... Cheers to the start of a new year!