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Friday, July 10, 2015

exploring Minneapolis

We had the most wonderful field trip the other day, visiting one of the hottest pizza places in Minneapolis - and after one bite, I understood why - Punch makes the best pizza I've ever had.  Their wood-fired pizza oven maintains a temperature of 800 degrees , so your order is done in minutes.  Unlike my homemade pizza, their pies are very light and thin, with a few delicious charred bubbles of cheese and dough.  

After lunch, we meandered to Nicollet Island - a tiny island in the middle of the Mississippi river, with a charming Inn and lots of parkland to wander through .  We met up with a family friend, who was fishing there (below) - he didn't catch anything, but the fish were leaping and splashing just a few feet away from us.  What an amazing place!

And here is Frankie at one of the farmers' markets - wearing his butterfly wings:

                                                 Have a great weekend!


La Table De Nana said...

And here is Frankie with his butterfly wings♥
That's the money:)

Pizza looks great.
You sound..over the moon..
everyone deserves that,everyone like you.

katrina said...

Such a sweet comment, Nana! Thank you. We do love our grands!

Linda said...

I agree....give me some of that Pizza!
Cute wings...
Linda :o)

katrina said...

Linda - that pizza is AWESOME! Thanks for swinging by to comments (and salivate over that pizza!)