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Sunday, June 26, 2016

a new apartment

Ah, here I am - in a different city (Saint Paul, MN) and a new little apartment .  Moving again so soon meant lots and lots of naps, packing and unpacking, walking in a brand new neighborhood - and getting used to my very tiny (but cute!) city kitchen.  The stove is propane, which I'm very, very wary of, especially as the only smoke detector is entirely too close to the stove.  I have been making quick picnic food - grilling and sauteing will have to wait.  Ah, you noticed there is no counter?  I didn't realize it for THREE days:)  But all is well, and I look forward to slowly getting back to some new recipes.

                                                             the kitchen
                            kale with onions, peppers, blistered tomatoes, basil  
lovely June strawberries almost every day

sardines in olive oil and hot pepper sauce & lemon

Happy almost end of June!


katrina said...

I think that last salad was tabouli-without-the-bulgar: feta, cucumbers, scallions, fresh mint - must go look it up!

La Table De Nana said... must feel relieved that it is done:) ..and the food photos are so good! Color!
Happiness in yournew home and kudos!

katrina said...

Merci, dear Nana! I'm surprised by the photos coming out - the light is very different here, and often either too dim or too harsh a light. I'm relieved this move is done, but still one more move back East as soon as a place is available.

La Table De Nana said...

East meaning New Hampshire..?

You are like my friend Nancy..and the resilience you both have is commendable.
Light changes everywhere!

katrina said...

Nana, one muddles along as best one can (don't I sound like Downton Abbey?) -yes, east as in NH.
Trying to figure out the angle of light through the day here is cuckoo - especially in an apartment.

Debra said...

So glad that you've found a place of your own! As for size of kitchen, like being in Paris, non? Happy happy summer to you!

katrina said...

Exactly, Debra! I find myself grabbing my prettiest straw shopping bag and critiquing my outfits before I step out the door:)

Kendrick said...

Congratulations on your adorable new apartment! It looks very cozy and clean! Way to make the most efficient use of that kitchen! I do have to say your meals look delicious. They're also so perfect for the summer, especially those nice, red strawberries. Can I hire you to be my personal cook? You're making me hungry!