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Saturday, April 8, 2017

spring is spronging!

A long delay in posts, my apologies.  My ankle is slowly getting better, making it a little easier to get to the supermarket - but often I get there and realize I forgot my shopping list.  I do make a list and email it to myself on the cellphone, but just as often "forget" my cellphone, which I have a love/don't love relationship with - I had a landline in NH all those years because of the mountains, and definitely prefer it.   My camera is acting up (I love, love those Canon PowerShot cameras, lightweight and small enough to stick in my pocket) but a trip to Target turned up empty - the only Canon on the shelf was the the Rebel, much too big to cart around, and much more expensive.

Spring comes earlier here in Minnesota, and I discovered these pretty wildflowers suddenly blooming all along the back yards in my neighborhood - it gives a lift to the soul!

I think cookies are in my future, a request from the almost 4-year old, so stay tuned!

Happy Spring!


La Table De Nana said...

They look like scillas to me:) You are way ahead of me..hope the ankle heals and heals and heals..

lots of Canon Power Shots on for you..just checked:)

Katrina Hall said...

Monique - I agree with you on the flowers - they are wild all over this area, and yes, I noticed last year Spring comes about a month earlier than NH in the Twin Cities.
I will check again on Amazon for a PowerShot, I think my second to last one came from there, gently used. I just discovered (by Googling) that there's a tiny clock battery inside the camera (that costs under $1) that needs to be replaced. You'd think they'd include one when you buy the camera!