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Thursday, May 11, 2017


Dear friends -  it has become clear in the last several months that a thoughtful break is in order for me and the blog.

Just as I was thinking about it two months ago, my camera agreed with a slight meltdown, and a month after that, a computer malfunction. Even though I get 10,000 views a month, I wasn't making money, so not enough to consider it a successful situation. I stubbornly plodded on, but the thought of a break after 10 years of blogging felt more and more comfortable.  I wanted to write more, though what , I wasn't sure.

True, the tiny oven didn't help, or the heat detector going off when I was baking.  But really, I missed cooking for people, feeding people, messing about in the kitchen.

So I'll call it a recharging of creative energy and hope to be back.  In the meantime, I'm starting another book of poetry, at least, I think that's what's been prodding my thoughts:)
and finding my food muse again.  If I feel inspired, I'll certainly post.

Thank you for reading, you wonderful people! - and look forward to coming back refreshed.

lots of love -



kellypea said...

Ah, Katrina. I haven't read enough lately. You've been one who has truly kept it going and I've admired that about you. If writing is what you want to do, then do so for yourself. It truly doesn't have to be about food. You have this space to use as you wish. You are what drew me in--you and your writer's voice so many years ago.

Yes, cooking for others makes such a huge difference! Blogging about it was always challenging for me, as was the mess to clean up afterwards. Still, it was enjoyable.

Enjoy your time away. It is restorative.

katrina said...

What a lovely comment, Kelly! I don't mind the mess at all - washing dishes ( I haven't had a dishwasher in years - unless we're talking manual labor) is meditative, so that never bothered me. I'm happy you get the social angle of cooking - much as I like trying out recipes alone, it does feel more joyful to at least share meals together.

And I did love the friendliness and excitement when we early food bloggers first started out - I know you've mentioned that before. I'm enjoying your new adventure with baking! We shall see, we shall see where I end up - and many thanks for your words of wisdom.

La Table De Nana said...

I hope you can post some of your writings..
I feel a change coming..more towards Instagram and quick this and that..yet yesterday I landed upon Butter and Brioche that I had not seen in what seems like years and was amazed at the beauty of it maybe I am wrong..We also read that in 10 yrs malls would be a thing of the past..I think as I get older progress is happening faster.
It's been a pleasure Katrina!
I was up at 5:15 couldn't sleep took out my scone binder and one of the recipes says Katrina's scones..delicious❤️
I will keep you in my list..and will come when I see you:)

Blue Angel said...

Finally a blog person who is kind and thoughtful enough. . To say goodbye. I'm tired. I'm weary. I'm going to be busy being happier. . Finally. Sadly tho, it's you. I'll miss you that's for dure. But at least in my heart I'll know you're in that better place than just.. blogging. Anytime you come back. Great. Otherwise..
..Spread your wings.. learn to fly"

katrina said...

Thank you, Blue Angel , for your kind comment. I've already posted again (on turnip greens), so it's clear I won't disappear after all. But I will give myself leeway on when I post, and what I post about.

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