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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Date Night desserts: three mousses

Valentine's Day is almost here, and love is in the air. For a cozy dinner-for-two, mousse is a delightful dessert, whether it be white chocolate with rosewater, tangy lemon, or rich chocolate. You need to allow a little time for the mousses to chill in the fridge, but they are not difficult to make and are fairly quick to whip up. You will need either traditional white china ramekins, but you can also use fancy cocktail glasses, though they're more apt to fall over in the fridge. They are also a perfect beginner dessert for the guys out there who are hesitant about their cooking. Since mousses require no baking, they are less intimidating.
Decoration can be simple - a rose petal or two from the small bouquet, or even a tiny pinch from a bundle of dill or parsley will do nicely.
So grab your whisks, and start your mixers!

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