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Saturday, November 1, 2008

the halloween cake

That's our Izzie last year - this year the camera was forgotten as we went out with the toddler posse. Watching the tinman, bumblebees, ladybugs, and princesses stop short and check each other out while trick or treating was hilarious. Another 2 1/2 year old slipped past Izzie with a nod and a "Hi, Ladybug".
Before going out, I had made a little something to fill her up before the mouthfuls of chocolate and sweettarts : buttermilk cake with a vibrant orange frosting and diced candied ginger and apricots on top, and some chicken and rice. The cake was her Saturday treat, wrapped up carefully in foil - but she got a hefty scoop of frosting before my daughter packed it away.
I hope your Halloween was as entertaining as mine, and now - is it really November?


Barb said...

Your Izzie is adorable! (Too sad no pix from this year, but I'll bet she was just as sweet.) Halloween is so much fun, and yes, incredibly, it is November. Look out Thanksgiving!

Oh, the cake looks pretty tasty, too.

katrina said...

Barb- there may yet be photos, since she has an adoring paparazzi - we just have to see if she stood still long enough for a good picture. Love the costumes in the Toddler Brigade last night - especially the Tin Man -silver from head to toe.
Gave away the remaining cake this morning to my favorite folks at the post office, thus fending off temptation and another inch at the waist. Hope you had a grand Halloween, too!

Martha said...

Izzy is so cute! Don't you just love Halloween!


katrina said...

Thanks, Martha! Actually, I don't like Halloween, unless it's spent in the company of little ones. As a child, I was scared of masks, so Halloween was torture.