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Thursday, December 18, 2008

safe and warm at last! ( the ice storm)

What a long haul it's been - almost a week to the hour since the ice coated trees began crashing down across every road and highway across New Hampshire. Even days later, when I ventured out for candles and drinking water, the huge, 3 story trees lay across the road, resting on curls of wires and transformers. To pass, you waited, eyeing the wires, then the trees. You rolled your window down so you'd hear the crack as the wires and trees went down, and then gunned the car, just barely sneaking under the fallen trees, hearing the car antenna boing when it was just too close.
It's been tough, but all I can say to the hordes of public service workers, the guest volunteers from Florida, Oregon, and other states so far away who drove up to help, to the firemen and women, the Rescue departments - all volunteers, and gracious and hardworking. - THANK YOU! Now - off to wash dishes in WARM water and finally , maybe, get a good nights sleep.
Thank you all for sending good thoughts my way.


Barb said...

Oh, Katrina, I am soooo happy to read that you are safe and warm! I was truly relieved to see your posting and know your okay. Maybe not "back to normal", but it's good to know you're on your way. Take care. (p.s. Your photos are beautiful, by the way. Isn't Mother Nature amazing?)

katrina said...

a warm hello, Barb, and glad you enjoyed the photos, which I took just before the trees started falling. It was beautiful, but what followed after was a nightmare. A heavy snowstorm just started ( what else can Mother Nature throw at us?), so I hope I can get out to get some food supplies and start cooking again tomorrow, when we get a half day between the snowstorms......