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Monday, January 26, 2009

cheap, healthy, delicious: breakfast for $1.42

Like everyone else, the food budget is shrinking for me and I'm watching my pennies. Only recently have I started trying to estimate meal costs - and be good about using up the vegetables in the drawer before they get mushy and squishy.
Yesterday, I made this enormous, filling and wonderful omelet, with a rainbow of diced and sliced veggies I briefly cooked before scooping them into the omelet, along with some slivers of mozzarella and cheddar. If you use potatoes or carrots - or celery, come to think, you need to cook them until tender, drain, and then put in the omelet.
Along with the omelet, I peeled and sliced a beautiful ripe avocado and squirted it with a little lemon juice. Add in the two cups of home brewed good coffee, the total came to $1.42. Not bad!
Here's what I used in my two egg omelet:
a few grape tomatoes, cut in half
a few thin slices butternut squash
a few thick slices potatoes, large dice
fresh dill, chopped
3/4ths of a carrot, peeled and diced
about 2 T. sliced scallions
2 slices leek whites, diced
a handful of sliced up spinach
4 thin slices cheese
Parboil the hard vegetables until they're tender, and drain. Keep warm in pot and add the scallions, spinach, tomatoes, dill. Mix and cover pan to keep them warm.
Place a little oil or butter in omelet pan and cook until the edges are cooked. Pull the edges in toward the center - keep up until the eggs are no longer liquid. Add the cheese and vegetables, and salt and freshly cracked pepper and fold one side over the vegetables. Placing your right hand thumb on the top of the omelet pan's handle , flip over onto a plate.
Next to oatmeal with raisins, this is my absolute favorite breakfast!


Barb said...

The omelet looks wonderful. By the way, I also loved the photo of the 'pickle forks'. They are very pretty and probably very useful for lots of different things.

katrina said...

Thanks, Barb! Best of all - I didn't get hungry again until past 1 o clock - and I ate breakfast at 7am.
The "pickle forks" seem to be best for fishing out - yes - pickles, and capers, and hard to reach things in long, skinny jars. Since I found out some of them were known as seafood forks, I'm thinking spearing some shrimp might be in my future......

Ana said...

I have a big problem with not using up all the veggies in the drawer before they liquefy! Sounds like I should be doing some cooking ahead and then saving for future use--like in omelets.

katrina said...

Now there's a thought, Ana - not that I'd ever get organized enough to wash and prep the vegetables every week!
But it's a good though....

Off into the snow with shovel............

kiss said...
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