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Saturday, January 24, 2009

chocolate dipped strawberries

The markets are full of those sweet, beautiful Florida strawberries this time of year, and they're perfect for desserts, snacks and company - and even better dipped in chocolate!

You can use any kind of chocolate chips, or you can break up a gourmet chocolate bar to make the dipping sauce. You can serve a bowl of berries, some bamboo skewers, and some warm dipping sauce, or you can dip ahead of time, let them dry, and serve on an elegant platter with skewers or forks. I collect what I call "pickle forks" - tiny little silver forks that are perfect for spearing. I just found out they actually are Victorian seafood forks - but I'll think of them as pickle forks forever.

To make the dipping sauce:

1 cup (6 ounces) chocolate chips

2 teaspoons Crisco vegetable shortening

Place the chips and Crisco in a microwave safe souffle bowl, or any other somewhat deep container so the chocolate doesn't cool too fast.

Microwave about 2 minutes, take out, and stir.

Microwave another minute, or until the chocolate chips are completely melted and the sauce is smooth when stirred.

Dip the strawberries and let dry on a baking rack. It should take about 20 minutes to dry.

You can then serve, or "double dip" with another layer of a different chocolate, if you wish, and let them dry again. I like semisweet with white chocolate, or semisweet with a little milk chocolate, but I'm sure you'll come up with your own favorite!

This can also be used for dipping cherries, pineapple chunks, grapes - I suppose just about any fruit you think would work with chocolate. These are also perfect for a Valentine's Day dinner - along with some flowers and a smooch.


Featured in Photograzing ( on Serious Eats)!


Barb said...

Those strawberries are beautiful and the photos of them are wonderful. I think one of those photos will show up on Tastespotting (at least I think it should!)

And the turkey ball soup sounds quite delicious - particularly on these continuously cold winter days. I think I have 'cabin fever' (even if I do get out everyday!) - I need some warmer weather. Okay, who doesn't???

katrina said...

Thanks, Barb! And thanks for reminding me to send one ( I like the first one) to Tastespotting for consideration.
Isn't it a little early for cabin fever? I almost ALWAYS have cabin fever on my birthday in February ( 24th)...but that's a month away. Then again, it's been a challenging winter so far for just about everyone. Stay warm!

Barb said...

This has been a rough winter in s.e. Michigan (at least so far). I think we've probably been spoiled by our relatively mild winters of the past and we kind of 'forget' what winter can be like.

The funniest thing though is my Mother told me last fall that she heard we were going to have a 'mild winter'. I don't know who her source was, but they were quite wrong!

Actually, I do like winter and snow - but mostly to play in (skiing!). It's that shoveling, driving on slippery roads etc. etc. etc. and the really cold temps that kind of wear me down.

Okay, now that I've ranted on long enough. . . good luck with Tastespotting. I don't know how that works - I didn't know that you send in a photo for consideration - very interesting!

katrina said...

Hi Barb - the last few winters here have been record breakers for snow - combine that with that awful ice storm we had with no power or heat for a week, and I'm done with winter!
I'm with you on driving on ice - you really can't depend on the weather for travelling...well, it's an annoyance more than anything else.
Tastespotting is very picky about photos being accepted, so it's a big thrill when they do accept a photo. I love to look at Tastespotting, in part because you can always find interesting photos!

Ana said...

Hi Katrina,

What is Tastespotting? I am making your recent recipe for sweet rolls tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how it goes.

katrina said...

Hello, Ana! Spoken like a Vermonter - "what is Tastespotting?" Tastespotting ( or TS to admirers) can be found on my blog links. It's pictures of food from bloggers all over the world. Great photos ( they're picky) and a great way to discover new bloggers........I think you'll like my Provincetown sweet rolls - at least I hope you will! Izzie's 3rd bday next weekend!

Ana said...

The P-town sweet rolls were a big success this morning! I did use one cup of whole wheat (trying to be a good parent), but also did allow for extra dipping sauce. Another good one, Tanta! BTW--what is the exact date of Izzie's birthday?

katrina said...

Oh, I'm so delighted, Ana! Glad the rolls worked out - and I'm sure your boy loved the dipping sauce, knowing his sweet tooth. Izzie's birthday is 3 Feb - but celebrating with her preschool and always expanding fam on Sunday the 1st.

Hillary said...

Chocolate covered strawberries are genius: they're so simple and so delicious!

katrina said...

And pretty, Hillary! A much needed spot of color in the snowcovered landscape outside , and the chilly, moving-toward-cabin-fever landscape inside. Glad you stopped by and nice to see your blogs!

kiss said...
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