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Sunday, September 12, 2010

sunday soup day

A welcome chill in the air means one thing to me: Portuguese Kale Soup! I'm heading out for the Sunday papers and a long walk and then my favorite soup for lunch. Enjoy your Sunday ♥


Kelci said...

Yum! When Keenan was landscaping around the Dublin NH area a few years back, the ladies he worked with would bring a soup like this to share for lunch on chilly days. Keenan raved about it, and I tried a recipe I found online, but it didn't turn out right. I might have to try your recipe to see if it hits the flavor notes he remembers!

I'd thought about making this soup with lean turkey chorizo because I've gained the "food blog five" that appeared shortly after starting my blog. Do you think it would be a good substitution for the linguica?

katrina said...

Heaven forbid, Kelci! Linguica makes Kale Soup the glorious soup that it is! Linguica is not fatty at all, but it has a distinctive blend of spices, tomato, and meat . The only one I ever use is made by Gaspar's in New Bedford. I tried a NH made linguica once - never again! It completely lacked the wonderful and unique flavor of Gaspar's - found at Shaws, Market Basket, and Hannaford's/

Susan said...

Love this soup great meal for a rainy night.

katrina said...

So true, Susan. I even eat it for breakfast, dedicated Kale Soup lover that I am:)

gagknee said...

i love this soup. whenever i make it i eat it morning noon and night until it is all gone.

i live in virginia (originally from NH) and linguica was impossible to find until just recently. i used to stock up on linguica when i visited home.

katrina said...

gagknee - I hear you - and I'm delighted you can now find linguica in your neck of the woods now! I once ordered a case, just so I made sure I had it available in NH -

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