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Friday, September 25, 2009

red hot chili pepper vinegar

When I stopped by a friend's house today, I smiled when I saw these hot peppers in the kitchen. When my children were younger, and I had an herb company, which we called Island Herbs, I made vast amounts of wonderful herb vinegars, that I sold at the Farmer's Market. My daughter conjured up marvelous calendula facial washes, while my son came up with Red Hot Chili Pepper Vinegar. To this day, I make him several bottles of it every year - enough for salads and additions to his grilling sauces. It's incredibly simple to make, and the longer it sits, the spicier it is. As you use it up, simply add a little more vinegar to the bottle, and it will last you a whole year.
To make:
Clean a nice looking bottle with soap and water. Let drain until dry.
Go to the hardware store and buy some new corks that fit the bottle.
Snip several long pieces of oregano from your herb garden, wash, and let dry.
Select one or two very good looking fresh hot peppers, wash, and let dry.
Fill the very clean bottle with half apple cider vinegar, half white vinegar.
Using a chopstick, arrange the peppers and oregano sprigs in the bottle.
Top off with the clean, new cork, place in a dark cupboard, and let steep.
Use as you wish for sauces, a zing to soups and salads, or even for a little pop to baked goods.
If you're interested in herbs, a great book ,published years ago is The Herb Book. It has loads of both culinary and medicinal recipes, as well as skin care and perfumery.


Sophie said...

Thanks for this great recipe!! I will make it today!!

La Table De Nana said...

I bet the bottles are beautiful!

katrina said...

You'll love it, I think, Sophie. It won't develop that "bite" for a few weeks, but then - wow.

katrina said...

Nana - sorry to say my son isn't very good about returning the bottles - so I'm down to just a few. From now on he gets his vinegar in recycled wine bottles. But I'm always scouting for unusual and beautiful bottles - another passion.

lululu said...

spicy vinegar!!!! what an idea!
i've never thot of making this b4 though i love anything spicy!
thx for sharing!

katrina said...

It's a very subtle spicy, lululu - something I find very useful in the kitchen and super easy to make ( though there was a year when I had NO oregano, which usually grows like a weed around here).

Amanda said...

What a great recipe, thank you!

katrina said...

Delighted you enjoyed, Amanda!

Southern Grace Gourmet said...

I love making pepper vinegar! We use to collect pretty old bottles where ever we could find them to use. We grew different varieties of peppers in our garden and did probably 10-12 bottles a year. We always used on all greens and cabbage.

Fashionable Earth said...

Love this !! Also check out our post on calendula soap -

katrina said...

Thanks, Fashionable Earth - that's a lovely soap! And you'll love this vinegar, I think.