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Monday, June 18, 2012

buffaloes, brownies, and a life change

Excuse the long silence, but I've been out wandering.  I visit the buffalo herd down the road almost every day - now I see black pigs in the field next to them, but too far away for a picture.  Longing to meet the new owners of this 80 acre field just down the hill from town and find out what they're planning  - seeing the wild West come to New Hampshire is somewhat mind-boggling.

Lots of walks, a little hiking, and making a batch of these brownies in memory of my Dad on Father's Day.  Even though I've been working on a super duper healthy diet, I couldn't resist taking a (LARGE) bite out of one of them.  These brownies are undercooked, then frozen, then thawed to room temperature and cut into luscious, almost mousse-like squares. The recipe is here, and it is lovely!

I watched an amazing movie about changing up your eating habits and diet:  Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, that has me now drinking green stuff - me?  Got to say, if I can get rid of the two auto-immune diseases I have (CFS and Fibromyalgia), I would be so grateful, so I'm giving it a try.  And if I lose the ten extra pounds I've gained from too many tasty bites of nachos and those brownies, that's even better!

Hope you have a grand and beautiful day, dear friends!


Jennie McCluskey said...

Watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, along with Hungry for Change...has changed my life. I hope you reap many benefits from the juicing. I love it. And didn't you just love Phil???

Marianne said...

How wonderful! Great, shaggy creatures, conjuring visions of the wild west!

Your brownies look amazing, Katrina. I have chosen to follow a new path that does not allow me to indulge in such a glorious treat. I must be content with your very delicious photo ...

katrina said...

Hi Jennie - was Phil the truck driver? ( Really bad at remembering names) - what a sweet, sweet guy, and so happy for him. Still using a blender, which is a real pain - but I think juicing is part of my life now, so I'm going for it.

katrina said...

Thanks Marianne, - delighted you enjoyed those beasts! They really are strange, wonderful , and wild - creatures. No petting these buffalo:)

You, too? A new path for so many of us, taking good care of our precious health. Good luck with your new beginnings!