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Sunday, November 15, 2009

thanksgiving countdown: two soups

Even with a feast like Thanksgiving, there are some people who like to start the dinner with a light soup. I'm definitely one of them. I don't use cream in these smooth soups, preferring to simply use more vegetables before pureeing. I doubt you'd ever notice the difference. And because there's no cream, the soups are less heavy and filling. And (pssst), they're healthy, too!

At the top, there's the Spicy Mushroom soup, with toasty sauteed mushrooms and lots of thyme.

At the bottom, the gorgeous Spinach soup, with handfuls of baby spinach pureed to that beautiful bright green.

Serve with some of those Portuguese flour rolls, or a few crackers and enjoy!


lisaiscooking said...

If I have a small crowd, I like starting Thanksgiving dinner with a soup. Both look amazing!

katrina said...

Thanks so much, lisa! I still don't know who's coming for Thanksgiving, but I know I'm probably going to be the only one interested in soup. I can't decided which one to make.....
I'd love to know how your Thanksgving menu is shaping up!