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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the 9th day of Christmas: biscotti with orange peel & chocolate

Tonight I have been slaving away in the kitchen, making one of my very treasured Christmas cookies, Biscotti Paradiso, a milk chocolate, orange peel and almond biscotti that is out of this world.  It takes hours.  But snatching a nibble of the completed biscotti is heaven - a little bitter from the orange peel, sweetness from milk chocolate chips, and toasted almonds.  

I make this every year for a special friend who is Italian, who once swooned over these, and thus I am , like every baker, indebted to those who adore our goodies.  I will make these forever, if only to please those who recognize a beautiful cookie.   

And that lovely cardinal ornament?  There's something about seeing a cardinal that lifts your spirit and makes you smile.  

Merry almost-Christmas to you all!


donna c. said...

Oh, not only does this look divine but it's making me miss Italy. I wish I could be there for the holidays with all the good things like this. Second best would be living near you and able to exchange baked goods.

La Table De Nana said...

They look so good:-) as does that cardinal perched on one of my favorites..white birdhouses:-)
Will read the recipe again..if they are not toooo long to make..I may..try:-)

katrina said...

Oh, Donna - how wonderful that you've been to Italy! From all I hear it's a magical country with the most incredible food and scenery - and art, of course! Thanks for the very sweet compliment!

katrina said...

Nana - I do hope you make them, though it does take a little time, it really is worth it.
I keep hoping I'll see a cardinal, but not so far this month - always a lift to the spirits to see them....